The Fourth Phase Teaser

The Fourth Phase Teaser

Without further ado, this is The Fourth Phase. For the first time since dropping what’s widely considered to be the best action sports movie of all time, Art of FLIGHTTravis Rice and some of the best talent in snowboarding will return to the big screen for our viewing pleasure.

His highly anticipated new project will premiere sometime in the autumn of 2016, and it promises to raise the bar yet again for the genre.

“It has taken everything I have learned over my life to prepare for what the past several years has challenged us with,” Rice said.

“Immersion into the winter wilderness with a few trusted comrades and a vow to not ride anything we have ever ridden before has made this the most exciting project yet.

“We have a team of some of the most committed riders, and a production crew that has gone all-in. We’re headed back into the field soon, but before we go dark again we wanted to share a taste of what we’ve been working on.”

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